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Venture into a world that you helped to make better.

Venture into a world that you helped to make better.

People love their cars. But as the performance and comfort of cars continue to improve, it's easier and easier to take them for granted. At the same time, we are becoming more aware of how our lifestyles impact the world we share. For those seeking ways to set things right, the Optima Hybrid rewards positive action with truly sustainable enjoyment.

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    A bright new look for a technologically enlightened sedan

    A bright new look for a technologically enlightened sedan

    The Optima Hybrid offers a sporty and civilized alternative for drivers who seek more energy-conscious technology without tradeoffs in comfort or style. You can spot the Optima Hybrid from any angle, thanks to its headlamp and taillamp enhancements and its exclusive Eco-Hybrid side badging. Subtle aerodynamic details enhance the efficiency of the hybrid drive system. This is green technology at its most captivating.
    Intelligent contours: sculpted to tame the wind

    Intelligent contours: sculpted to tame the wind

    Though it closely resembles its petrol-powered stablemate, the Optima Hybrid is designed down to the smallest detail to help reduce drag and maximize fuel economy and battery charge longevity. At its corners, along its lower surfaces and in the grille, the design of the Optima Hybrid is hard at work helping you get the most performance and the longest drive out of each tankful. Even the wheel design, with reduced surface openings to trap air, helps to cut resistance and allow you to go faster and further on less fuel, with less battery drain.


    Vital information and cutting-edge simplicity

    Modern life is filled with data, devices and the potential for distraction while driving. The interior of the Optima Hybrid is designed to merge forward-thinking propulsion with an intelligent human-machine interface. It presents you with all the information you need, while at the same time removing clutter and distraction everywhere you look.


    Efficient Driving Mode

    Efficient Driving Mode

    The hybrid system adapts its energy use constantly to take utmost advantage of physics. Depending on your needs, it switches between using petrol and electric power and a combination of both, and charges the battery whenever it can. It's so seamless that all you notice is a responsive accelerator and a smooth ride.


    Hybrid System

    The Optima Hybrid powertrain balances efficiency with performance, switching quickly and smoothly between electric-only and hybrid (petrol/electric) operation.


    Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    BSD uses radar sensors to monitor the Optima Hybrid's blind spots and alert the driver if a vehicle is detected.
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